222 East 8th Street

This was our favorite renovation to date. We found this 1860 East Row house in dire need of love and care. It had been split into a two-family residence and sat vacant for five years. But we saw potential in this forgotten property. Many historic features still existed, including the original staircase and fireplace mantle, and we went to great lengths to preserve as many as possible.

The pre-Civil War home was about 20 years older than any building we had previously renovated. We saw first-hand just how much construction methods and materials changed in those two decades. For instance, the gutter boxes that span the width of the house were brilliantly carved from one single log.

But even with its historic charm, the house needed some modern updates. We vaulted the second floor bedroom ceilings and added a loft office space with a view of the Cincinnati skyline. By enclosing half of the two-story balcony, we were able to feature the original exterior brick in the master bedroom’s private balcony and master bath. We also tore down the neglected addition in the back and replaced it with a much more functional shed and parking pad. Swipe through the photos for more details and surprising finds.

When we were opening up the space, we salvaged wood from attic rafters, flooring and walls. It was used in other areas of the house, like the kitchen and baths, giving the historic materials new life. We also fitted the kitchen with high-end appliances for the new owners (and their serious love of cooking).

Click below to see our process visuallyfrom the Original Find, through the Transformation Process, to the Restored Property.



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