404 East 4th Street

This 1883 Italianate house was a labor of love. As Mark’s first property, he started renovating it in 2008, while still in school studying historic preservation. The house was completed in 2010, but continues to evolve to this day with one stunning detail after another. Click below to explore the story of this restoration visually—from … More 404 East 4th Street


Jerry’s Jug House

Jerry’s Jug House has been a neighborhood bar for over 80 years. The unassuming building was a gathering space for the community, but after years of neglect, we found it in disrepair.  Nicotine-soaked walls the color of toffee. A bar that had seen better days. A disheveled office that was far from functional. We knew … More Jerry’s Jug House

222 East 8th Street

This was our favorite renovation to date. We found this 1860 East Row house in dire need of love and care. It had been split into a two-family residence and sat vacant for five years. But we saw potential in this forgotten property. Many historic features still existed, including the original staircase and fireplace mantle, … More 222 East 8th Street

501 East 6th Street

There was a lot to uncover during the renovation of this 1883 urban farmhouse. After stripping layers of aluminum siding and Insulbrick from the exterior, the original wooden clapboard was able to shine once again, and there were even fish scale shingles exposed in the eaves—details that haven’t been seen for decades. We then painted … More 501 East 6th Street

Overton Street Houses

One by one, we renovated these three little homes. While they were similar in floor plan and design, each deserved an update worthy of its own original charm. And with modernized kitchens, beautiful wooden floors and brightened bathrooms, we turned the Overton Street houses into homes.  Look below to see our process visually—from the Original … More Overton Street Houses

306 Park Avenue

This little house, tucked away behind Newport street foliage, just needed some attention. We could see potential under those piles of trash and years of neglect. Completed in 2013, it was the first renovation project we tackled. This bungalow, constructed in 1923, is young compared to many of its Mansion Hill neighbors. But even so, … More 306 Park Avenue