Jerry’s Jug House

Jerry’s Jug House has been a neighborhood bar for over 80 years. The unassuming building was a gathering space for the community, but after years of neglect, we found it in disrepair.  Nicotine-soaked walls the color of toffee. A bar that had seen better days. A disheveled office that was far from functional. We knew this space had more to offer. So, we got to work. 

We started with the bar, refreshing the existing tile and highlighting the original stainless steel cooler doors. At some point in the building’s history, an ill-informed window placement compromised the integrity of the upper level, so we structurally reinforced the second floor. We replaced the floors and transformed the office into a lounge space for more guests. And above the bar, we completely renovated an upstairs apartment with new windows, vaulted ceilings, and perhaps most satisfying, absolutely zero wood paneling!

We paid attention to the details and did our best to keep the authentic Jug House origins, while still making sure today’s guests are comfortable and feel at home. Stop by and grab a drink with us—all are welcome.

Click below to see our journey visually—from the Original Find, the Transformation Process and the Restored Property.



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